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Friends, I am going to share a post with you today, which will help you to propose any wood. For him, this is just something Golden Rule needs to know. Which I am going to share with you below. And you have to always remember these 3 golden rules.

If it does not work, let me tell you the other 8 ways how to do purpose to a girl ?
                     How to propose girls?
 1 st - Propose in a new way - Your method of propose should be completely different, so it should be very romantic so that the girl remembers her life. 

2 nd - Talk straight - Guys clearly - I love you, don't say boring things by turning your propose.

3 rd - do not run away after answering - friends, if the girl answers, then do not run away from that place after listening to her. Do not start crying. The girl says no to everyone for the first time.
Friends, one thing to remember that the proposal is the most memorable moment of a girl's life.
The girl never forgets the day when you propose her. Your proposal should be  accurate, it should be like a design. It is not that you go there and say anything.

                   How to propose a girl with 3 rules?              
1. You can do this by going to a songwriter and telling him that sir, write me a very cute and big romantic song in which the name of my and my girlfriend is. Then take the song written in a music school Go there, tell a guitarist teacher that sir, I want to play this song on the guitar and teach it.
 sir will teach you everything in 15 days. You do not need to become knowledgeable about music, you should come to sing your song.
Then someday, seeing a good opportunity, go to the girl and listen to that song while playing the guitar and finish the song and tell her that I love you. The girl will be very impressed by the fact that you have made the opportunity to propose her memorable. Have worked so hard for.
2. According to the second golden rule, say that the dagger of your love descends directly into the heart of the person in front of you. Say straight I love you, do not talk about your heart. Speak straight that I love you.
3. Whenever you go to propose a girl, let the fear and shame out of you, if you are inside it, then you will not be able to propose in such a situation. Directly speak whatever you want to say, whether you say it or not. Most of the girls often do not speak but only after listening to their answers, do not go away from there as soon as you speak the parts or I LOVE U. Talk, hang in there.
       How to propose the girl so that the girl agrees?
Don't ever say to a girl after a while that the friend feels that both of us are perfect for each other. Or someone was saying that the two of us seem to be very good. Or my mother was saying that I want the same number as you and some boys go to the girl and say that man I was thinking that we were both of each other. They feel so happy and comfortable with it. We both have such good friends, why don't we become girlfriend boyfriends. Guys, is this a way to propose? No no
And I should never start my words with these words that I was thinking I think. After listening to such things, the girl thinks that you are not Siriyas in this relation. There is nothing better than simply saying I love you.                                  
    What to take care of before proposing  to the girl?
  If the girl does not do it, do not start crying. Most of the time it happens that boys go to the girl and propose to her and the girl refuses further. And when you do not listen to the girl's mouth, the ground below your foot goes out.

Their faces get sick
 And the same person starts crying and screaming.

On hearing this, the hidden beggar inside you comes out
And say to the girl what happened man why don't you love me?
What am I missing?

Do you know how much I love you?

I cried for nights for you. If you do not believe this too, then how much I cried for you that day before Suman asked Dolly.
Well listen, if you want to think then think no matter man, take time as much as you want to think but please remember me, I will die without you.
                          Hey, wait for man?
                What are you doing? 
Why are you making things worse? This is the way of girls. They do not speak to you and your reality is revealed.
What you were in front of the girl before you propose has no value. The real game starts only after propose. What you do when the girl does not, then it shows what you are. Before you propose the girl, you were roaming around like a big boss and you have come down on bullying just because of not listening to the girl. It would make sense that the girl was pretending that you were still. The real lover is that for whom the girl's no means just that, not now. She knows that love for girls means playing the game of yes and no.
The girl wants that she does not do it to you and you convince her, laugh. She does not like haste in anything. Whether it is sex or propose, she does not want to propose to be torn down and destroyed like a bomb. But the beggars are in a hurry and they say that by tying the drama and yes, they go to the Restaurant and then they will go to the hotel room. I will show the whole world that I have got a girl.This should not be done.

                   What are 8 ways to propose a girl?                

     8 other ways to propose a girl are as follows -
                     How to propose a girl?
If you want someone, then he must be allowed to know. But if you are shy or nervous to say that short sentence, then do not worry. There are many ways by which you can "show" a girl how much you care for her by your actions, words, and behavior until you dare to say that. Here are some great tips to show a girl that you love her.
1. Praise him:-
This is easy. If you love that girl, then you will have no problem praising the 101 things you like about her. You can admire her complexion: even if she is not proud of herself such as her dark long hair, big eyes or something she knows about, such as her physical formation, her smile. However, you should not only stick to the look of her appearance, but you should also admire the best features of her personality or the good work she has done.

  • As such, you can tell her that you love her kindness and that you like how she always comes forward to help everyone, or you can appreciate the work she has just done that day. Did a sports program or an assignment given for his homework.
  • Praise should always be done from the heart. If you tell her something that is not true, then she will be able to tell immediately that that praise is false and the whole thing will be reversed. Always let praise be sincere and heartfelt.
2. Send flowers to her or gift: -
 While this method may seem a bit clich├ęd and outdated, there's nothing better than a bouquet to say, "I love you". But in this also you will have to make a little effort - do not pick up any of the bouquets that are available at cheap prices in the market. With a little effort, with the help of his family or friends, find out which flowers he likes and send those flowers to his house.
  • You can add a romantic note to those flowers to add some more romanticism. Just something short, like, "beautiful flowers, for a beautiful girl" or something a little longer, part of a romantic poem, poetry or song.
  • If you have less money, do not worry. There is no need to buy more expensive flowers only. The truth is that a red rose, or a bouquet of fresh flowers, can look more romantic than a well-made bouquet.
3. Be honest: -
 Honesty is very important when the question is about love. If you are not honest, then the girl will not believe you and it is not good for your relationships. You must always tell the truth, whether it is about where you were last night or about how your beloved mug has broken from you. She may be angry with you at that time, but ultimately she will appreciate your honesty.
  • You ought, to be frank about your emotions with him... If you are falling in love with him, but nothing is said right now, then take courage and say it. Telling the truth is always the best policy when it comes to feelings.
  • Combine whatever problems or difficulties you encounter, do not keep things pressed. This way he will know that you are trusting him. The two of you will come closer and your relationship will become stronger.
4. Be kind: -
 Wherever and with whom you are, always be kind and show the girl that you love her. If you treat him in seclusion like the most benign person in the world, but like a lousy person among people, then your kindness is meaningless. You have to be 100 percent decent person all the time.
  • Being gentle with a girl means that, without saying, you listen to her, respect her opinion (even if you disagree), praise her, never let her down in your relationship and for her Do good things
  • The philosophy that "women are tantamount" is low-level, girls tend to like people who treat them well, especially when the question is about bonding.
5. Be loving: -
 Being affectionate gives a clear indication to the girl that you love her. Holding hands, hugging and kissing, calling love names like "sweetheart" "Dilbar" or any name that is only between you, is part of being affectionate. You do not have to save this affectionate behavior only when both of you are in solitude, you can be affectionate by placing your hands on his shoulders or around the waist in public or even among friends. Show the world that you are proud to be with this girl and by this she will know that you love her.
  • Sometimes you should take the initiative in making contact. Hold her hand while walking on the road or surprise her by filling her in a hug from behind.
  • Just don't do the things that make him uncomfortable. Perhaps in the presence of his family and friends, he may not like your company with you, because it can make him feel awkward. Take care of his feelings and make sure you know where the boundaries are.
6. Write him a love letter: -
Writing a love letter to a girl is a very romantic way to show her that you love her and that she will cherish it forever. This option is even better in that situation if you have difficulty expressing your feelings in words - the thing to do is to take out your pen and let your heart talk. You can give the letter in person or send it by post to surprise it even further.
  • If you find it difficult to start a letter, get inspired by the writings of Shakespeare, Lord Byron, Emily Dixon, or find some famous romantic quotes that you can include in your letter.
  • You can also send a nice e-mail or text message to him.
  • Otherwise, if you want to be something more creative, you can also express your feelings in a song or poem. You can sing that song in person or if you feel a little ashamed you can record it and send it. If you play an instrument already, then it is even better!
7. Tell him how much you love him: -
If you love this girl then the easiest, simplest way to show her is to tell her. There is no need to make a lot of talk about it, or to make an "I love you" banner hanging from the plane, you should repeat these words with sincerity and honesty whenever the two of you find solitude.
  • If you are hesitant to say the same word, "I love you", then try to say something like, "I think I like to spend time with you" or something romantic like, "You have stolen my heart". He will understand it.
  • If you are saying this for the first time, do not be disappointed if he does not repeat the same thing immediately. It may take some time to understand the information. Remember that "I love you" is not a question that needs to be answered.
  • On the other hand, she may have reached the seventh sky after hearing that you finally got the courage to say the words she had been waiting to hear, and the opportunity to say these words to you by hand Do not let it go. But you will not know until you do!
8. Be thoughtful: -
Little thoughtful words and actions are enough to show a girl that you love her. Being considerate lets the girl know that you care about her thoughts and feelings. You may be thoughtful by nature, otherwise, you will have to try separately to show that you care about it. You can do this by finding out what he likes, disliking his selfish backgrounds and prioritizing his needs.
  • Here are some methods that you can get more thoughtful about: Find out how she likes her coffee (sugar, milk, etc.) and bring a cup for her in the morning or after a meal; Even if you are not interested, let him choose which movie to watch; Recall any comments made about a book she wants to read or a CD she wants to hear, and then buy that book or CD for her. You should remember important events and dates such as his birthday or your first date, and give him a cupcake or an attractive card to mark those occasions.
  • Being considerate also means that you keep in mind the effect your actions will have on him. For example, if you are going out with friends at night and will not be able to contact him, then you should tell him that you will call him in the morning. In this way, she will not be worried about where you stayed. Or if you have many female friends, then you should not touch her very much in the presence or tease, because it will make her feel insecure.
Every girl is different, so schedule your acts according to a particular personality. If you love him, then you should know what he likes and what he likes. From him, get to know his interests so that you can recognize him and adapt your affection accordingly. So pay attention to the things she likes.
  • Whatever you do, do not hesitate to show the girl that you love her. If he does not know or does not understand how much you care about him, then you will probably lose him forever. Do not be afraid, take courage, take risks and whatever you are, carry yourself there. You don't want to regret losing that girl just because you were afraid to tell your feelings to her.
  • If you love a girl, then commit to her. Ask her how she will be comfortable and remain loyal. If you give him any reason to worry, or you have something to hide from him, then he can take it away from you and will do it.