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      ARE YOU GETTING WHITE? KNOW WHY THIS                                                      HAPPENS

I was 18 years old when I saw two-three hair white in my hair. Before that, I thought that hair is white only in old age. Well, I did not make any special difference, I went to the doctor too, so I was not careful to tell that my hair was white too.

Although Dr. Edward Goyal of Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh says If at any one of the ages, if anyone hair appears white then the skin specialist should not delay showing the specialist because after all, the reason for the hair being white can be ascertained.

Either way, white hair is considered to be the result of growing age. But childhood itself is the reason for being white? Why do children start getting white with age? Why does hair color change? Dr. Edward Goyal is answering these questions.

Why is white hair ?
Dr. Edward Goyal says that our skin and hair color is formed due to a cell called Melanocyte. They have a high concentration in the hair, so the color of the hair is thicker

Melanocytes, which gradually builds color, with age, stops making it or decreases it, and the hair begins to gray. This process affects many factors.

After which age is the hair white being considered normal?

The first hair was not very white, but nowadays, after the age of 30, we consider normal to be white.

Before the age of 20, hair is white, there is no normal thing. It is called Preetchiveer Gaining Off Hair or Premature Aging.
Dr. Edward Goyle

Having white hair is an illness at an early age. In the doctoral language, it is called kinetics. Although researchers believe that people of different races have hair white at different times.

Before the age of 20 in white skin, prior to the age of 25 in the Asian people and in the African people, white hair before the age of 30 is called Premature Hair Gray.

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Hair loss and genetic reasons -

Dr. Edward Goyal says, if the hair is white in childhood, then it can be mostly that the child has some genetic problems. There are many diseases, which also include hair becoming white.

If there is a problem in the genes or there is a problem with the parent or if the hair is too early in the family, then the child's hair starts to become very white.

Apart from this, the children of 15-16 years of age have started becoming white even today.

What are the reasons for genetic reasons ?

The beginning of hair white -
According to Dr. Edward Goel, if any hair is white, then the skin specialist should be shown.

Seeing the condition of the scalp, experts can identify the reason for hair becoming white.

If there is a shortage of after some normal diet then some dietary supplements can be given.

Why do they become white at an early age, these are 6 reasons -

Anyone of the age, with the problem of white hair, most people are troubled nowadays. At first, when people's hair was white only after a fixed age, children's hair became white again. Genetics is often thought to be the reason for hair loss at a young age. But there can be many other reasons behind hair becoming white. Let's say why at the very young age why people's hair becomes white -

1. Dandruff - Edward Goyal states that Dandruff explains why a child is white. As soon as the teenage starts, dandruff starts with a pimple and if we do not control it, the hair can be white.

2. Pollution - Air pollution also causes considerable damage to the hair. The polluted elements present in the air begin to whiten them as they are damaging the hair. According to the Expert, free radicals present in polluted air do damage to melanin and whiten the hair.

3. Stress - There is also stress due to hair becoming white before age. Taking the stress, hair quickly loses its natural color. If you want to prevent hair from becoming white, stay away from stress.

4. Smoking - Smoking is also a cause of white hair at a young age. According to a study published in the year 2013, people who smoke, their hair is more likely to be white than 25% more than others. Apart from this, the habit of smoking severely damages health.

 5.Due to hormone thyroid, the hair starts to become white quickly. The hair gets swollen even after the hormone level worsens in the body. Harmon's unbalance causes hair to become dry-dry. Hair glows over. Also, the hair loss problem becomes common.

6. Unhealthy Diet - The direct effect of diet is on health. Therefore it is very important to take special care of the diet. Actually, the hair becomes white at a young age due to the lack of nutrients in the diet. At the same time, due to lack of vitamin B12 in the body, hair starts to become dry-dry and lifeless and lose its natural colors. The deficiency of proteins, copper, and iron can be white.

Can white hair be black again?
When Edward Goel was asked about the claims of black hair again, he laughed.

Actually, this is not possible. Apart from coloring, there is no such option, so the hair white has become black.