Friday, April 5, 2019




The first school of every person's life is called family only. A family which is with the people and the place of Stay. Where life is lived by sharing happiness and suffering under one roof. In the family itself, the future citizen of a society reads the lesson of humanity. Every lesson of life is found in this courtyard, which, in the future, makes the children rich in total personality, then provides the basis of care and care for the elders. Family and mutual

Engagement is a strong background, which encourages us to live in every situation. The family supports the entire society. On the foundation of which we all have life hinges.

Combining happiness and responsibilities

Family arrangements are the pillars of our lives in real life. Living together in social life means the idea of ​​sharing happiness and misery, the text of mystery and the combination of hearts. In our family, we get to know this thinking. Coordinating and cooperating with each other in every way is related to family relationships. There is a unique combination of happiness and responsibilities in the family, which keeps everyone together. These bonds work to keep us in good times. The value of the elderly and the children can be found only in the family. That is why mutual bonding is necessary in the fabrication of relationships, because this association gives something to the people of all ages.

Foundation of rite and understanding

The most important thing in today's environment is that in the future generations, rituals and understanding flourish while living among their own. In today's time, giving new thinking to the new generation and understanding of life is one of the most important and difficult aspects of upbringing. In such a situation, the environment of coupling traditions and social cohesion makes the problem very difficult.

Gadgets and adults in the family beyond the virtual world of the Internet, with adults, introduce children to the real world. It gives an atmosphere that sensitivity and behavioral efficiency in children comes naturally. Children who grow up between their families have great love and affection. This love enhances the feeling of security within the child.

Shared happiness with you

All in the family are bound by the bonds of emotion, therefore, with each other, they are able to balance the mind with small happiness. The stress of relationships also teaches to share affection and live happiness. It is said that happiness increases by sharing and suffering less than sharing. There are no two opinions in it that this laughing atmosphere is possible only by staying with all the family members.

We are both fond of both Indians and minds of life. It is understandable that the festivals of these Teej festivals are also with our loved ones. This is the reason why the family works to save both culture and relations through these relationships. Cultural gatherings linking hearts also keep in touch with people. In that case, the joy and excitement in the heart is incomplete without the ones.

Root connectivity

The family keeps us attached to our roots. Especially in the joint family, people of all ages live together. While living together, the understanding and learning related to humanity that meets the members of the house always works to keep them from the ground. Experiences and rituals from their loved ones can give the right and meaningful direction of any human life. Not only this, for the working women in today's part-time life, the joint family is like a support system. By working together, working women get support and support. The guilt of leaving the children alone is not in their mind.

Come save to disperse

Family has been given importance in every society of the world. But it is also true that not only in the world but in our country, now the family structure is shattered. This is the reason why efforts should also be made to save it. In our country, even in the last few years, not only has divorce cases increased, but the generation is suffering the pain of insecurity too. Today's lifestyle has become something that the families are getting smaller and smaller. There is so much new attachment in life's turmoil that the family and their own are behind. On the days of family discord, such cases are arising in which criminal activities are being carried out against their own people.   small selfish interests

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