Wednesday, April 17, 2019


                         RESULT OF WEAK MIND

In today's new era many people meet. Which tell me that I can not do this! I can not do that! But why did you
 Have you thought about this topic? No ! All this depends on the people's thinking on how they think! For yourself and your society, because what people think like a man. He does the same thing and becomes like that!
So let's read a story based on this topic and know it!
       "The result of weak mind and weak thinking"

A man was passing through, then he saw the elephants tied along the side of the road, and suddenly stopped. He saw that a rope is tied in the next leg of the elephants; it is very strange that the huge organisms like elephants are bound only by a small rope in place of iron chains. It was typical when the elephant wanted
He could go anywhere by breaking his bondage, but for some reason he was not doing it. He asked a person standing next to him, how are these elephants standing so calmly and are not trying to escape?

Then the person said, "These elephants are tied with these ropes for a short time, at that time they do not have so much power that they can break the bond. But despite repeated attempts, - She is sure that she can not break these ropes, and even though she grows up, she believes this, so she never tries to break it. "

The man was surprised that these powerful animals could not break their bonds just because they believe in it that I can not.

Just like these elephants, many of us have just believed that due to the failure of the first time, we can not get these jobs done, and in our own built-up mental chains, weighs up all our lives.
Remember, failure is a part of life, and continuous effort brings success only.

If you are bound in such a bond that is preventing you from making your dreams come true, then break it ... .. but do not weaken your mind in any situation. From this, all of you have come to know that weak mind ."What is the result of weak mind"?