Saturday, April 27, 2019


Keep these points in mind during online shopping, these 6 things will never be cheated

If you also have a passion for online shopping, it is also important to take precautions. Before starting shopping, remember that the computer must have anti-virus.

The trend of online shopping in this growing e-commerce market is increasing. In such a situation, if you are also interested in online shopping, both sense and caution are important. Before starting shopping, remember that the computer must have anti-viruses.

With this, let us know that 6 things that always remember during online shopping will save you from any type of fraud:


1) Do not shop from unknown sites

Internet security is very important when shopping online. This means that you always make a purchase from a trusted site. If you pay from an unknown site, it may be that your account falls into cyberspace within a few hours. At the same time you will not be able to claim this amount after shopping from an unknown site.

2) Understand the difference between http and https

If you are shopping online, first of all, keep in mind that the website where the goods are being purchased is https, not http and not the address. Here the associated 'S' means the guarantee of security. This means that this site is not a feat. However sometimes it joins the 'S' letter website when it comes to turn online payments.

3) Check the full information of the website

Always check that the address, phone number and email addresses of the goods you are purchasing are written on the website. While there is scope for fraud, information is often hidden.

4) Payment System

Apart from this, one more thing to be noted is whether you can pay through the Verification by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode in the payment system of the website? The answer should always be yes because it helps to save you from fraud. If you are satisfied after all these testing tests, then just make a purchase.

5) Understand the conditions of the company in a manner.

It is often that companies offer free delivery on purchases of more than 500 rupees. The customer also finds it quite convenient. But sometimes with the free delivery, some conditions are written on which the customers do not pay attention and because of this, they have to pay additional costs. These are the charges which are not initially told to entice the customer.

6) Check luggage immediately

There have been many cases in which companies have a lot of rigging. Many people see their order open, they get away from the old things or the information given, and they get the goods of the poor. So check the luggage in front of the delivery boy. If there is some disturbance then take a picture of the luggage in front of him. In such a situation, it would be easy to claim the amount.