Monday, April 1, 2019


                 HOW TO BECOME RICH QUICK ?


 This world wants to be rich in this world. And it's good to be rich. Because money fulfills man's needs. Do you know ? What is the secret to becoming rich? Do you know why some people become very rich? Do you know ? That's where millions of people have a lack of money. So how do some people invent money? When a rich man is in his childhood, then he is normal only like other children, but when he becomes young, that person becomes involved in the rich people of the world.

There is a lot of truth to be rich but today we will talk about the curious secret of becoming rich from you, those who ignore them. The secret is to become rich.

If you want to know what is the secret that happens to be a human average, it becomes a very rich man. So read it till the article last, which will make you understand that what is the secret that many people have become rich today.

                                       HOW TO BECOME RICH QUICK ?

As many people have become rich from the poor They have not become very rich by doing 8 hours of job but they have become wealthy by following some rules, they have become rich.

 Robert Kiyosaki, creator of Rich Father Poor Father, clarifies.

Poor people and rich people become poor and rich for this. Poor people buy liabilities and rich people buy asset.

Assets like: - Plot / Home / Shop

Bike / Car / Gold / Silver / Stoke

Mutual Fund / Mobile / TV

Mr Robert Kiyosaki says. People are buying assets but why are they not being rich?

1. Asset, they are the whole thing. Who make you money.

2. Liability, they are the whole thing. Those who do not give you money but they increase your expenses.

                                    HOW TO BECOME RICH QUICK ?

Now, in this regard, you yourself think that what you have is that which is decreasing or increasing your encom.
If you think about this or see, most people do not have any such property. Which is making their encom continuously

Web result continuous.

You see that most people have liability. Thereby decreasing their encom continent.
Whatever they have, they resemble an asset but they do not get encompassed.
Because he is constantly taking money from his pocket and this is the finance problem of the maximum people.

Like - you have bought a house for a loan and bought it in a rent. But he is not getting the same rent. So that you could pay your loan and EMI money.

Then it will not be worth the asset to say Liability to him.
And this applies to all the assets.

Asset such as: -plot / house / shop

Bike / Car / Gold / Silver / Stoke

Mutual Fund / Mobile / TV

All these assets can be. If the money is coming from them, otherwise they can not speak the asset.

People buy Liability and keep thinking that I have bought assets. Then there is no consistent money.

And they go to debt every day.

The person who buys property and that money is not made. So he will soon be in financial crisis and he will be poor

And the person who buys the property and he is making money. Or what he has bought and he is making constant money. So it is certain that the person will definitely become rich man.

A great example of this: -Rich Daddy Powder Dad Writer Mr Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffett

This is the reason for middle class people that all these people do not have any such thing. So that they continued to have continued money. For this reason they remain poor only.

This is the secret which, on average, an average person becomes rich in the world.

                                  HOW TO BECOME RICH QUICK ?

Now I will not tell you that you too start to follow this mystery .. but I will tell you that if you want to be very rich then you should spend the money as much as it is necessary and buy the same which is necessary. If you think of it sitting inside you, then your thinking will lead you to the richness.

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