Saturday, April 6, 2019


1.Measures to Avoid Bad Habits:-
 When a car passed very close to the drunken man, the car driver, angry at that alcoholic, said, "will die drunk." The alcoholic replied, "Who wants to live!"
Do not know how many lives and family suffer from alcohol, cigarettes or drug addiction addiction. If any kind of substance is misused then it becomes addiction or bad habit. Drug addiction, especially the youth, has made its prey. Power of youth; Young this young man! The future of the world is in the hands of the youth, but in their hands unfortunately there are narcotic substances. Anyone who worries them or not, is there, and you should also be.

2.Why do we become victims of addiction?
The human heart is such that it takes some other thing to fulfill the lack of something; Whether it is loneliness, cheating in love, fighting at home or social and family problems. What is the fault only, who is stuck in it? Probably not. I am sympathetic to anyone who is involved in some addiction. Someone is merged, has hurt somewhere. Above by saying that it is a drunk or addictive, does not solve the problem, but probably makes the wound even deeper.

3.Some side effects of drug addiction: -
You will be prone to some bad consequences of drug abuse. Diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, liver and kidney disease, even cancer, have been considered as alcohol consumption, but still they are not afraid of these things. That's because the value of life seems to be less likely. There is no purpose in life that there is a desire to live and a sense of victory. If you really want to start a new life in your life, then you can only do it. Or you will face the problem and find the solution or the injury to the wound. It is life that will keep fluctuating. But with any addiction, leaving a beautiful life, is it any sense?

4.You how to avoid bad habits: -
No habit will leave any person till he gets involved with a great motive.
Instead of fighting this problem alone, take the help of a close friend or family. Many drug addiction centers can also help you in this.
To kill small desires in life, it is necessary to give place to great desire.
Keeping a major objective in your life, you will be moving towards being self-motivated. Decision is not only physical, but also mental and spiritual.
Changing your thinking will only be a real solution to the problem, otherwise it will be easier to return again.
You can also contact us and share your problem, rest assured that your problem will go peacefully and you will also get help to get out of it!

5. How to change thinking to avoid bad habits; how to change heart:-
Many people say, that goes a little bit, but if you look at the Bible's view, it is written that "everything is right for me, but not all things benefit, I will not be subject to anything." Yes, friends, is there any benefit in doing really addiction, which can make life better. How can God liken what is bad in the eyes of people? It is important to know that the spoiler is in the heart, from the birth. By doing bad things, we do not become bad. We sin because we are sinners and are born with the nature of sin.

Today, Jesus is inviting you to start a new life, a new destination.

It is not too late, as it is, in the recent times, even if the society has rejected you, but Jesus Christ wants to adopt you. Come on with this new purpose towards us.

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