Friday, April 19, 2019


                 These 7 things make the relationship 

                     between husband and wife deeper

Who is your partner? Can only be married or living with husband and wife can be called a couple. Relationship between husband and wife based on duty and purity The tone of this relationship is as tender as it is, the stronger it is. To know the real significance of life, on the path of religion-spirituality, two companions, with the promise of the companions, the purpose of partner or marriage is to move forward.

It is a scientific fact that both men and women are incomplete on physical, mental and spiritual levels. The union of both fills incompleteness. When the incompleteness of both of them changes into completeness, increasing on the path of spirituality becomes easy and enjoyable. The premier building of the couple is basically seven. In Ramayana, these seven things are seen in the relationship of Ram Sita.


1.Restraint: That means controlling mental stimuli, such as sexual desire, anger, greed, ego, and temptation from time to time. Ram-Sita lived with her full-time spouse and love. They have not been mentally or physically unchecked anywhere.

2.Satisfaction: It is satisfying in all the pleasures that come with time and circumstances while living with each other. Both were completely satisfied with each other. Rama has never seen any shortage in Ram or Sita in Ram.

3.Children: There is also a very important place for children in married life. Children play an important role in making the relationship between husband and wife sweet and strong. Their children Love and Kush played an important role in removing exile between Rama and Sita and proving Sita to be holy.

4.Sensitivity: Understanding and appreciating each other's feelings in the form of husband and wife. There was a deep connection between the thoughts of Rama and Sita. Both understood and understood each other's mind.

5.Resolution: To fulfill your duty in order to fulfill his religious relation as husband and wife.

6.Capable: Having strength It is very important for both husband and wife to be physically, financially and mentally strong to make marital life full of success and prosperity.

7.Dedication: Coupledness is also necessary for the marriage of a husband and wife, complete surrender and sacrifice for each other. To sacrifice or compromise some of your desires and requirements for the sake of each other, it is very important to keep the mate's relationship sweet.

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Husband and wife are the axes of any household. Their successful family is the basis of a happy family. If there is a difference or separation between husband and wife, then the family can never be happy. The happiness of the family depends on the success of the household.

Relationship between husband and wife is only meaningful, while love between them is always Required and Important. Only then, the two bodies are called a soul. When the incompleteness of the two changes into perfection then on the path of spirituality becomes increasingly easy and enjoyable. Expecting all the expectations from the wife and exempting her husband with all the limits and rules and regulations is absolutely not fair and equitable at all. There are many great qualities in the woman that men should take themselves. The feeling of love, service, generosity, dedication, and forgiveness has such qualities in women, which give them respect and dignity as the Goddess.

Just as the talk of Parivrita is done everywhere, similarly wife vow is equally important and important. When it comes to thinking deeply, this is the point that it is necessary for the wife to follow the husband's fast as much as it is necessary to obey the husband's wife fast. The importance of both is the same. From the point of view of duty and rights, they are the same.

The rules and regulations applicable to the wife also apply to the same husband. If you think honestly and fairly, then it proves that the woman is entitled to a more important and respect rather than a man.

Often, it does not happen in families, if the members of the house sit together then either quarrel starts, there is a dispute over the money or the third is done evil. This leads to inequality and imbalance in the family. Whenever we sit with the family, there should be knowledge, qualities, religion, and devotion in the subject of discussion. If this will increase mutual love, then there will be no dispute. Our sitting in the family will be meaningful.

Whatever the person receives, he himself is responsible for it. Everything in life is earned by itself. Fate starts playing with birth as well. We often confront the failures of our personal life on the fate of fate. If anything, then there is a direct answer, that is my luck.

We make destiny or distort from our actions only. Doings from doings are related to doings with fate and fortune. Everyone is familiar with the name of luck but no one knows what is hidden in his womb. Fate is never a bit like that. It can also be changed but for those three things are necessary. Faith, Faith, and Will Faith in God, in faith and it will in our doings. When these three are mixed, then luck also has to change. In fact, changing fate is just like changing our thinking.