Sunday, March 17, 2019




Once a young boy asked Socrates what is the secret of success?

Socrates told that boy you meet me on the banks of the river tomorrow. He met, then Socrates asked the youngster to move with them towards the river and when the rising water reached the throat, suddenly Socrates drowned the boy's head into the water. 
The boy started struggling to get out , but Sukras were strong and kept dipping until he started falling blue. Then Socrates drove his head out of the water, and as soon as he got out, the boy who was the first to do was breathe rapidly - breathing rapidly. 

Socrates king asked, " When you were there, what did you need most ? 

The boy replied, "breathing"

Socrates said, "

This is the secret of success. When you need accomplishment as gravely as you needed to inhale, at that point you will get it. There is no other mystery other than it.

Friends, when you want only one thing and more, more often than not ... that is what you get. Look at the small children like they live in the past or in the future, they always live in the present ... and when they need a toy toplay or a toffee is expected to eat ... at that point their complete consideration, their The entire power just gets the chance to make one thing and thus they get that thing.

That's why FOCUS is very important to achieve success, it is very important to have intensity in what you want to achieve success..and when you get that focus and that intensity, then you get success.