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Wilma Rudolph was born in a poor house in the US state of Tennessee. At the age of four, Wilma Rudolph became polio, and she became disabled. Wilma Rudolph walked with the help of the helplines. The doctors agreed and said that he would never be able to walk on the ground.
Wilma Rudolph's mother was a positive attitude woman, and she inspired Wilma and said that you can do anything, nothing is worthless in this world.

Wilma told her mother, “Can I be the fastest runner in the world?”

Mother said to Wilma that you can achieve God's will with faith, hard work and passion.
At the age of nine, he insisted on removing his brace and started walking. After trying to move the car pipers, he suffered many times and suffered pain and pain, but he did not give up and tried constantly. Finally, the victory was over and after one or two years, he managed to run without support.
She participated in her first race competition at the age of 13 and came to the last position. But he did not give up and continued to take part in the race competitions. Despite losing several times he did not go back and tried it. And finally a day came when he got the first place in the competition.
At the age of 15, he took admission in Tennessee State Universitywhere he got the coach ad temple. Wilma told the Temple his wish and said that he wants to be the fastest runner. The mentor let him know — “It's not possible for anyone to stop you in light of this equivalent self-control and I will help you in this.”

Wilma continued to work hard and finally got an opportunity to participate in the Olympics. Wilma was confronted with a runner (Just Hen) who had not yet been defeated.

The first race was 100 meters, in which Wilma won the gold medal by defeating Cuba and also in front of Wilma in the second race (200 meters), Wilma defeated Jubal and won the second gold medal.

The third race was the 400-mile relay race, and Wilma's fight was once again from the beginning. The last part of the race in the relay runs the fastest athlete of the team. Three people from Wilma's team ran in the first three parts of the relay race, and easily changed the baton.

When Wilma's turn came, she lost her son. But Wilma noticed that Jute Hen on the other end was running fast. Wilma picked up the fallen Benton and ran fast like a machine and beat Junta for the third time and won her third gold medal.

In this way, a handicapped woman (whom the doctors had told that she would never walk) became the fastest runner in the world and proved that

Nothing is impossible in this world.

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