Friday, March 22, 2019


"The things people spend,
The time in them is the most valuable !!

"The most important machine of the modern era,
The train is not the engine but the clock !!

" Time is the coin of your life,
Because time is in life
The only thing is,
Which is limited !!

"The way you pay
Do the same time as well !!

"The people of their time
Use the worst,
First of all
The cry of its lack is crying !!

"If we want to achieve something in life,
Want to be something,
So it is mandatory for you,
You know the value of time !!

"The foolish person who does the work in the end,
The wise man immediately does the same thing,
 Both of them also do some work,
The difference is just the time !!

"If you do not know the value of time,
You have not been born to do a great job !!

"Rich people invest in time,
Poor people invest in money !!

"It's not enough to be busy,
There are also ants too busy,
the question is
What work you are busy !!

"The bad news is that the time flies,
The good news is that you are its pilot !!

"Like all the time, this time is also good,
If you know what to do it !!

"Who knows the most,
For the waste time
The most sad is !!

"Time is more valuable than money,
You can get more money,
But can never find more time !!

"Every task takes place at its own time,
Like flowers and fruits in plants
Come on your time !!

"Do not wait,
The right time never comes !!

"Do not pay attention to the past,
Do not think about the future,
Keep your mind concentrated on the present minute!!

"Courage in bad times"
Leaves with !!

"life is beautiful
Love it,
Every night of
Wait for the morning,
That moment will come
The one you are waiting for,
Just trust your lord
And at times!!

"Just like sweet laughs like a passenger,
And the yard stays right there like the paths !!

"Time gives multiple wounds,
Maybe in a clock
There are thorns, but not full !!

"Winters increase nights
Price of dried leaves,
From time to time,
Time comes to everyone !!

"The effect of the clock is also strange,
Happily Tik Tik says,
But do not stay yourself and
Do not allow others to sustain !!

"Time is too big,
Let's change it with luck,
And do not let
Change luck only !! . 

"Time and life are the best teachers in the world,
Life teaches the usefulness of time and
Time tells the price of life !!

"While living together, it will pass by itself,
Who will remember after removing,
Take this moment when we are together,
Where will the tomorrow's address be taken !!

"There is no one else in my life and no one else to go away,
If the time is right then all are yours,
If the time is gone, then you too lose yourself!

"If you keep remembering the past only then
Currently living will be difficult,
And the future seems to be impossible,
So residing in the present !!

"If you want to give something to someone
Then give him a good time,
Because you can take back everything
But never given a good time to anyone !!

"Everyone gets the time to change life,
 Be that as it may, life does not get recouped again to change !!

"Weird dealer is this time also friends,
Lived by the greed of youth,
Youth by giving greed to the rich !!

"Man's thinking and determination
From time to time,
If the butter falls in tea, then throw tea,
And if the butter in the country ghee falls
Throw the fly !!

"Time also teaches and guru too,
But the difference between the two is that,
 The teacher takes the time to teach and,
Teaches time by taking the time!

"The old age is so disappointed because in the past,
The youth lives in the future, so is disappointed,
The child lives in the present so is always happy,
Currently alive and always happy !!

"The sun goes down every evening,
Autumn goes into spring,
Do not lose heart in my mind trouble,
What time does it go away !!

"The person who does not take care of time in life,
His hand is failing and regret!

"Happy is the one who used to use his own wisdom today,
Because yesterday does not ever come and today it never goes !!

"To start a good work,
No time is bad !!

"You can not say that you do not have time,
Because you get the same amount of time in the day,
As long as the great and successful people get !!

"Time does not appear,
But a lot is seen !!

"We should not wait for any particular time,
Rather, we should try our best to make all the time !!

'' Time moves in a single course, memory in another !!

Time is the thing that we need most, yet what we utilize most exceedingly awful !!

" Time is the smartest instructor of all !!
Time is the school in which we learn, time is the flame in which we consume !!

" Time is the coin of your life. It is the main coin you have, and no one but you can decide how it will be spentBe cautious in case you given other individuals a chance to spend it for you!!

" Time is money !!

The best thing about what's to come is that it comes baby steps !!

"Individuals who can't discover time for amusement are obliged at some point or another to discover time for disease !!

       " My time is now !!

"Men discuss killing time, while time unobtrusively kills them !!

" Lost time is never found again !!

" Lost time is never found again !!

Ability to experience the time that is given you !!

"It is my inclination that Time matures all things; with Time everything is uncovered; Time is the dad of truth !!

In the event that you don't have sufficient energy to do it right, when will you have room schedule-wise to do it over ? !!

"I must govern the clock, not be governed by it12 !!
Finding some quiet time in your life, I think, is gigantically important !!