Friday, March 22, 2019


You will know what the time is. There are as many great man in this world. All of them have followed the time. Time is one such trick. Who never waits for anyone. Rather, people have to wait for time. People who make good use of time. Time also does well with them.
 If you want to be successful in life, then you have to know the importance of time. Because you all know-

 Nobody is so rich in this world
So that they can buy time,
And no one is so poor.
That he could not change his coming time.

So, I have written some inspiration ideasvalue of time quotes,time management quote,time quotes
,for you based on time. I am sure that you will like it.


1"The things people spend,
 The time in them is the
most valuable !! 

2 “ The most important
     machine of the modern era,
    The train is not the engine 
but the clock !!

3 " Time is the coin of your life,
Because time is in life
The only thing is,
Which is limited !!


4 "The way you pay
Do the same time as well !!

5"Rich people invest in time,
Poor people invest in money.

6 "If you want to achieve something in life,
   Want to be something,
   So it is mandatory for you,

You must know the time price !!


7"The idiot  who does the work in the end,
The wise person does the same thing  immediately,
they Both the some way,
The only difference is  time !!


8"If you do not know the
       value of  time,
You have not been born to

     do a great job !!

"time is what we want most,
but we use the worst.

10 " Busy is not enough
Ants are also very busy
         The question is,

What work you are busy with !!

11"The bad news is that
      the time flies,
The good news is that

    you are its pilot !!

12 "Like all the time, 
this time is also good,
If you know what to
 do it !!

13 " Time is more valuable than money,
You can get more money,

But can never get more       time !!

 14 "Every work is done on its own time,
Like flowers and fruits in plants

Come on your time !!

15 "Do not wait,

The right time never comes !!

16 "Courage in bad times"

Leaves with !!

17 “ Time is the school 
in which we learn,

time is the fire 
in which we burn ..

18 “When you have this thing right
If there is no time to

When will be the time to finish it !!


19 “ The past never comes back.

20 “ Time and sea beats await no one!!

21" Time and life are the best teachers in the world,
Life teaches the utility of time,
And time tells the price of life !!

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