Sunday, March 10, 2019


Some poetry we use in our lives are written for you. Which you can imagine and take your life on a good road.

'' We should never think of living in life,
Nor should it be disturbed by thinking about tomorrow, which is today, should be happy in just that moment,,

'' The person who says this is never a mistake in my life,
Then understand that the person has never tried to do something new,,

'' Humans should never get angry in life,
Because anger does not end your problem,
Rather and any other new trouble can be generated,,

'' If a person makes a lot of anger in his life then his end is only regrets and this is the biggest fault of your nature,,

'' No matter how wonderful a person is in life,
If he allows anger to dominate him,
So the same anger can destroy that person,,

'' Only two things, the human being loses all relationships,
One misconception and pride of the other person ,,

'' Just ask for your life to be relaxed,
Because of course, the human being never ends ,,

'' In life, the one we trust most,
Often those same people cheat most ,,

'' Never deceive anyone in life, if you do not like that person then do not talk to him further ,,

'' As long as we do not move for success in our life, as long as the dream remains a dream ,,

'' Those people who do not trust themselves in life,
The same people try to humiliate others ,,

'' If you recognize in life, then do it with the actions of the person, because good clothes also wear the pupil ,,

'' If we put any plant in our life and forget to put it, then it goes dry,
In the same way if we forget to meet our precious relationships, then it will also dry up ,,

'' If a person is wrong with a good person, then he should be forgiven, because the diamond's glow does not go away from falling into the litter ,,

'' I must always trust myself, because trusting others in life can be our weakness ,,

'' This person does not remember when you were right in your life, but these memories keep on remembering that when you went wrong ,,

'' It is a person who is a man in his life or a dug ,,

'' Man does not work in his life by doing pur day
Tired as far as he gets from worry of a moment ,,

'' Giving happiness in life is good for others, because happiness is precious ,,

'' In life, man should never trust anyone more than himself, because in the darkness, his shadow also leaves ,,

'' Books are as important in the life of a fool, as much as a blind person's mirror ,,

'' It is very important for humans to struggle in life,
Only then can he become a successful person in his life ,,

'' If life is to be successful,
So frustration and difficulty comes in the way,
So do not panic at her ,,

'' If you want to move forward in life, then first take your step on the work which is the biggest and the hardest, the smallest difficulty is automatically removed ,,

'' Do not be afraid of a person who argues with you in your life, but rather fear the person who tricks you ,,

'' If you want to win fear in life
Do not sit with your hand on hand,
Get up and make yourself a part of the work you like ,,

'' Those who are very angry in their life,
Those people are actually very good at heart ,,

'' The one who speaks bitter words in life should never be considered bad, because today people who talk only about you are the ones who are your biggest enemies ,,

'' We should always trust that God in life,
Because God never lessens than asking for it ,,

'' There is no need to roam the match for burning in this world, because the man here burns only with man ,,

'' In this life, whatever the price of Rupee falls,
But it can never fall as much as human beings fall for rupees ,,

'' Whenever there is a difficult time in life,
Then the coward goes back,
And hard work gets stuck ,,

'' In life, God has created relationships for understanding each other, not to use them and to leave them ,,

'' We must learn to win our life,
Because we will lose one day by the death ,,

'' If you ever get annoyed in life, then stop there,
And if you make a mistake in life then lean towards great love ,,

'' You win the heart of the parents in your life,
Wins will be in your cupboard ,,

'' Life does not change in a minute,
But the decision taken in one minute changes life ,,

'' Those who want to get away from you in life,
Those people put all the blame on the situation,,

'' In this life, man can never find two things, one is what is called mother's motherhood and secondly, she is called the father's ability ,,

'' Humans say why God does not see,
But the truth is that when someone does not accompany them in life then only they are together ,,

'' Should not always wait in life,
Because the right time does not have to bring it ,,

'' Earn until you get into your life,
Unless expensive things start to look cheap ,,

'' It is also good to fall in life,
From this,
When lifting the hand is moving,
Then the people know ,,

'' When you start doing any work in your life,
Then that work will be good for you ,,

'' When you start doing any work in your life,
Then that work will be good for you ,,

'' If you are true in your life,
So do not miss something ,,

'' You will work with a strong intention in your life,
Then you will definitely get success ,,
'' Anyone in life gets the name from his karma,
Not being born of you ,,

'' It's a matter of your own point of view,
Otherwise, there is beauty in everything in life ,,

''Turning away the eyes of a man in life does not trouble, but rather open the eyes of man by facing that problem,,

''Every day is my important day, if everyone thinks it works, then nobody can stop him from being successful in life,,

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