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               GOOD DAILY ROUTINES?
                 BEST MORNING HABITS?

If you have to be successful and have the due cause. So follow the habits of those people who have succeeded. Follow the habits of those people who do that in the day. They have to learn from their secret what their routine is

Today I want to talk to you about those topics. The habits you can be successful with and the speed towards your success will increase.

I am going to tell you about this person about a person. Xinhua has found very good results by adopting all these habits.


When this man was 20, his 11 bone broke in a taxi accident and stopped for six minutes.

The doctor said HAL ELROD will not be able to walk again. But HEL ELROD did not follow these six habits, but ultramarathon Ran in

When the 2008 stock market fell, HEL ELROD also came down heavily. But by adopting these habits, HEL ELROD came out of debt and became richer than before.

The miracle habit of HEL ELROD can really spell.

And if you know how to read about every successful man, then you will realize that everyone has the same habit that they are involved in their morning routine.

♦ So let's know who 6 habit-who are (six habits of successful people)

 1. silence - we have a habit of logos. Check the mobile as soon as it is awake. Check out SOCIAL MEDIA. Some people wake up with panic. They have to go to the office or to go college, so some people get up with the pressure. What to do today? What are you wearing today As soon as you wake up, you give up the tire in your heart? You do not have to tire as soon as you get up. Or do not wake up while doing tire.

 If you run by the day you wake up
 So the day will not work according to you.

If you have to walk the day according to your calculations then you have to start with silence.

silence + start


controlled start


controlled day

So friends whenever you get up, get silence, whether it takes 10 minutes but you become a little saint

It's time you should be with yourself! You must be in control! This time you can even pray. Take a little open air or yoga! There should not be any kind of noise

If you get up early then get up a little earlier! Silence has so much power, so the length of silence is so long - course! Sage Santo has become very strong by staying silence!

This is called - silence is the source of great strength

If you say so If you do not have time, remember them Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, ElonMusk
Do they have more time than you and you have less work than you do! These people have their own baby children!

Yet these people have time to live silence because these people know the real power of silence, so you also spend some time silence!

2.  Affirmations -
 If I ask you what is the difference between successful people and failed people, what will you say?

These are the differences between those people -


* Commitment

* Altitude

* Emotion

* Confident

* Comfort zone

◆ It's all in the brain of the brain! Everyone does not feel scared of anybody; Someone is afraid of work, so someone is more afraid

◆ If someone's confidence is high then there is no confidence in the work!

Why is this like this? This is because we think that where we were born, what we have experienced, what we have been taught, what our status was or what is our surroundings! All of this brings fear in our minds if we change our mind's program, then we can change our life and fix affirmations to correct these things, that means changing affirmations of negative thinking into positive thinking is called affirmations. is!



3. Visualization-
 Our mind is thinking in the picture if I tell you that apple you think of apple fruit!

In the same way, think of fulfilling your dream, think of all the things you want to do in your future, this will move your mind towards one direction.

He will not roam and your day will be good!

4. Exercise -
 There are as many successful people in life. They do all the exercises. by exercising

thinking power





 Raises all these to morning exercises, it has an effect of 5 to 10 hours. So make a routine whatever you have to exercise. Or have to run or go to the gym, allow oxygen and blood to reach your mind.

5. Reading - is called (a reader lives

                                       thousand lives

                                       before he dies

                                        the man who

                                        never reads

                                      lives only once)

Those who wake up in the morning, they live two lives. That's why you also got up in the morning and read some successful people's story. If you can not read then you can see some motivation video but if you read some knowledge about your mind every day, then your mind will be active (A reader becomes a leader).

6. Scribing
Get what you think is writing it. This will increase your knowledge. Your intellect and understanding will grow daily, a successful person does not allow his idea to go around here. They write their thoughts. Do not let your thoughts disappear.


Friday, June 7, 2019


                     MOVING AHEAD?

Are our parents stopping us from moving forward
Our parents ... Friends, our parents keep us busy at our very least. Do not do this, do not go here, do not go there, do not do that, do not do that and do not talk like it is too loud things. They always keep us busy with some kind of work. So friends do not you think that by doing so, our parents are preventing us from proceeding ??
Let us decide after this verse. In front of you, you tell a little story.




It is a matter of time that a father was blowing kites with his 
seven-year-old son. Patang was getting very high. He was almost waving with the touching touch of the wind. After some time the son talked to father "Papa our kite We should break this thread due to the thread is not going up. Our kite will go up as soon as it breaks.

The father did the same immediately. He broke the thread. Then the kite started moving in a little while. Happiness was seen on the face of the son, but this happiness was only for a few moments because after the kite went upstairs, he himself started coming down and fell far away on the ground.

Seeing this, he said to his son, "The height of the life of our son is that we often think that some things that we are bound to prevent us from reaching the highs. Like our mother, father, discipline, our Family, etc. Therefore, we often think that success is not happening due to this reason. I should be free from this.

In the same way that the kite is tied with that thread, we are also bound by these rituals. Actually, this is the thread which takes the kite to the height. Yes, you break your relationship, ie break the thread You can touch the heights of this, but like that kite, you will sometimes cut and fall down.

Kite will keep touching the height until the kites are bound to that door. By the way, till we keep tied with these relationships, we will touch the tall ones. Because success in our life comes from the balance of relationships.

Friends, in this story, you just want to understand that our parents are not preventing us from proceeding, but they want to save the thread from breaking it down. Because they know that you have the height of breaking this thread Can not touch

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In fact, Valentines are for love and affection, but there are many people whose love they have not received, and there are many who have got every kind of love in everybody's way. If you do not have any partners on Valentine's Day this time, then no problem, you can sing it alone and in a new style. Learn How to Celebrate Valentine's Day in the Next Slideshow

On Valentine's day you invite your single friends to your home. Just like you, there will be many friends who are alone, please contact them and celebrate this day. Party with your friends on this day, believe that in this way you can make this day even more memorable and celebrated with friends will always remember this valentine.

Valentines Day is not like any National Holiday, and you do not spend this day just by relaxing at home. Rather, you celebrate this day with complete joy alone. In the evening, you can go to a movie, you do not need any partner to watch a movie, you can sing it alone.

Partner on the day of Valentine's Day, it is not necessary at all, you are alone on this day, do not let go of it too. Rather celebrate this day like a memorable day that you always remember. You can also start this day with your neighbors, in this way you can become a good neighbor. Apart from this, you can go to an orphanage and give a gift to the children, this will also make you dear to the children, and you will be happy with this, which could never be given to a partner.

If you do not have the desire to go out and have fun on Valentines day, then there is no need to panic. Do not even think that you will become bored on this day. Rather, in this spare time, you can write a book on yourself, write your thoughts. Through social sites, people can also comment on those thoughts. So this time it's time on Valentine's Day to write something about yourself and to make others aware of your thoughts.

You do not have a valentine. This does not mean that you can not buy a gift. Rather, buy this gift on this day and give this gift to yourself. Buy anything that works for you in the future. Buy something that you have been looking for since many days. Any such thing that you have liked before but if you can not buy it for some reason, then buy it on Valentines Day.

Your lifestyle is very tiring, and if you do not have the time to relax well, then Valentine's Day is the best day for this job. You can spend the whole day sleeping, on this day you can fulfill your golden desire. On Valentine's day you relax and enjoy.

Driving is very much like you and it's been a long day. You did not drive long, and you are empty on the day of Valentine's Day. In such a way, the idea of ​​going on a long drive is very good and you have completed this work hidden for a long time. If you do not want to go alone, you can go to Long Drive with your friends.

Your terrace is very beautiful and it's been a long day. If you do not go to it, then spend a golden evening on your terrace. By refusing to relax on your terrace in a relaxed evening, see, you will be very happy and your heart will be comforted and comforted. In this way, you can also learn about the surroundings of your surroundings.

You have a lot of cooking and it has been a lot of days. You have not made any dish. So on the day of Valentine's Day you can engage yourself in this. Make your favorite dish on this day and enjoy it alone. You can also include your single friends in it.

By doing these things you can quickly forget your girlfriends. By doing this, your heart will be reduced to light and you will be able to bring your mind back to normal in the near future.

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How to make your Reputation in the Society! 7 Best Tips How to Make Reputation in Society ! 7 Great Tips

Respect and honor are words that every person likes to listen for themselves. Everyone wants others and this society to respect us and give us great respect. But do not get true respect for everyone because the meeting is not so easy. You may have heard this multiple occasions that it takes a very long time to acquire regard and one minute to lose.". Yes, guys, this is true. Making respect is as easy as making it harder to maintain your respect.

The person who is respected in society and who is honored by our society Actually is one of the prominent people of our society. Living in the society of such people makes society stronger and this world is beautiful. Today's our post is also related to this, the topic is - HOW TO BUILD YOUR REPUTATION IN SOCIETY
! 7 good tips In this article, we are sharing some great tips with you, if you follow well in your life, then you will start to become a reproduction in society and you too will be counted as the some  people of honored by this society.

If you have to be good in your family or in this society. It is very important for him that how good the ethical value is within you. There is a huge role of Moral Values ​​in our life. Speaking the truth from yourself, not lying to others, caring for others, respecting the elderly, honesty, generosity, patience, talking dearly, not doing the evil of others, working hard to develop.

It is not a difficult task to do this ... just keep practicing their practice and do it until it is included in your habits. Once you become perfect in these things, you will start seeing a huge difference in yourself. Which will make you better than before

The second thing is that your behavior skills .. how you keep your behavior towards others, it matters a lot. By bad behavior, where people also lose their own self, they become friends by doing the same good behavior. Becoming skilled becomes very important in today's world. If your Behaviour is not good then people will start cutting you. You will see that many people have cut off your life that was very good friends.

People are joining you by creating a good habit, and you start leaving a different impression wherever you go. If you want to become special in your friends or society, then your behavior should be honorable, helpful and effective towards others.

In society, if you want to build your Good Personality then you can distance yourself from bad habits and things. If you are intoxication or foul play then you should leave this thing. These things are never okay for good personalities. To make your personality a better, you should develop good habits in yourself. Bad habits should be weighed.

People will love you as much as you like. So start adopting new habits to make yourself a better person.

There are many people around us that need help very often, on such occasions if you help them, then you are like them for a very big hero. Anyone who needs help is never left behind to help them. Always help the poor and orphans Help the elderly people

When you help others without selfishness, then you are doing a great job for society and your values ​​always increase with it. So always help others on such occasions when your other people are in need. Never be left behind to help them.

In society, there is always greater relativity for those people who contribute to society. For this society, those people who do some good work always keep growing this society. If you have to illuminate your name in the society then do something for the society which is a great need of this society. Attempts to remove the evils spread in the society, help people who need assistance, help poor people and hungry people.

Every effort you make to improve your society will always be remembered and in this way, you can succeed in building your own identity in your society.

Respecting others and respecting them is a very high-quality property. When we respect others, we have very positive effects on other people, which is important for our personality. If you want respect then you have to learn to respect others. You can not get Respect from others until you give Respect to other people yourself.

Talk to people of your small group even with good behavior, with affection for the children. Never make fun of anyone and do not keep the sense of jealousy in your mind with other people.

Society always focuses more on those people who are oppressed in society. It is important for your deep recognition in society that you become rich. Whether you believe or not, rich people are seen everywhere with great respect. Do whatever you do in your work, business or any other thing. It is so big that some other people around you could not do this.

If you succeed in doing this, then this society will look at you with respect, and you will be able to make a different identity in the society, which can prove to be very effective in making the process of its reputations in the society.

Friends! How do we create your Reputation in this article with you in Society! Have shared 7 important points on this topic that you should fully follow in your life, then you will be able to grow well in this society and will be successful in building a strong reputation in your society.

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It is said that there is nothing more than man's respect. If once a person's stigma is stigmatized, then it is very difficult to bring it back. But if you want everyone to respect you, talk to you with respect all the time. So, first of all, you need to become a respected man in your own right. That is why today's topic is that what is needed is to become a respectable person.

Self-esteem is the only thing that man keeps alive after he dies. If the wealth of man disappears, but respect, then everyone is proud. Calling you respectfully among others, you should be respected. All these things happen only when the work done by humans is liked by all the people. Everyone wants to be between 4 people or every respect. But somebody does not want anyone to be respected. So let us today tell you how to increase self-esteem and how to get respect among others.

       LEARN HOW TO RESPECT 10 BEST                                    PRACTICES

As the Self-Confidence plays an incomparable role in making our life successful, in the same way, we need to respect our respect and others should also be respected. Maria Robbins has also said that a respected soul can give you a new beginning, which will stay with you until the end. You have the advantage of being honored that even after your death, people remember you daily by your work name. You settle in the heart of people.

If you want everyone to respect you and make you respected among the people then take care that you first have to learn to respect others. Unless you respect others, no one will respect you. Believe it, when you respect someone, you will certainly not only show your respect to you but also your good things to others. Which will increase your respect among 10 people?

Getting respect is not so easy, but not too hard. Never be proud of being respected. Do not go back to helping everyone, whether poor or rich, If a person is honoring you, it can also mean that you have ever helped him. It is not a sin to help, however, it does not give you anything at that time, but you will surely get one or the other day. Therefore, whenever you get an opportunity, you must help young people with great respect and get respect.

Forgiving is also not less than respect. Self-esteem and self-confidence are two stages of a life that is made by itself, it is not made of others. If for some reason accidentally seeks forgiveness from you and apologizes to you, then forgive him. You do not even tell him in his own language. Often, sometimes a mistake is made by a man. If he is adding a hand in front of you, then forgive him, and if you forgive him, he will not be left behind to tell anyone about your honor.

If any person is poor or for some reason, do not show it down. You can cooperate with him instead of making him sad. The person who has this gun always rules in their hearts. Therefore, if you want to be respected, do not insult others, because this is Kalyug, and the person who sins here also gets the same punishment, and the person who pays the virtue is virtuous.

If you are doing the right thing and are trying to achieve something then it is sure that you will eat many stalks and fall in many ways. If you have lost your friend or your parents by mistake, then it is important to believe in them because the lack of self-esteem comes even when you are not in the right behavior with your people, then people think that how they behaved properly with us. Could. If mistakes happen to God, then you are human. So do not speak anyone down or wrong.

Comparing yourself with someone or telling someone what your status is, you look like me, it is not a good thing to compare them all. Although the person could not be made like you, he can never forget your toxic word. And believe that sometimes he can even do your bitterness. It is so good that you decide to be ready to help him.

Sit up with the people who are ready for your help and support. To make your identity, keep a meeting in between the positive and good-looking people. They will have to learn a lot of new things from them and how to respect someone. Everything will know how you can get respect. Apart from this, you see good books or a good inspirational show.

The best way to get respect is to say that you are big or small, speak it from civilization. It will not only tell you, besides this, but your image will also be created in his mind. It is right if you speak to someone from civilization and if your mouth will open as much as you say in the wrong words, why do you spoil yourself by speaking wrong and reducing your respect. All this makes your hair sweet too.

When you think deeply in your mind what is right to do and what is wrong then you can increase and strengthen your self-esteem. It is not always easy to know which work is right and which is wrong, but you can think of it rubbing to get good results.

In today's era, looking clean and beautiful is also honor in itself. Everyone gets respect today by being beautiful and fit. If you wash your bath and wear good clothes and go anywhere, then anyone calls you with respect and not respectfully. So being clean is good for your body, so why not wear good clothes and attract others too.

So friends are the best ways to get self-respect, with the help of which you can gain great respect from others. People can make their own place in the heart. If you have anything else to ask, you can join us through the comment box below. Like our Facebook page for more recent things.

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Attacking Attitude - Will Make Life Easier! How to End Life                                           All Problems

When I was in adolescence, I always used to be unhappy with small things, I used to get bothered by a little wrong of someone ... I used to feel weak and helpless when I said this to others. The biggest reason for understanding myself as weak was that I always kept a defensive attitude in my life. If I have Assistance Attacking, I probably never think of myself as weak.



But now my age has increased and now I understand all these things. Now that I have become more mature in my life, then I do not have any protection in every condition that comes in life, but I attack.

Here attack does not mean that I fight with someone, but I mean to say that if there is any problem in my life, then I face it bitterly and thinking - to understand that problem Attack me

There are many problems in our life. No person will have such problems in which there are no problems in life. Every person encounters some problem every time. People break apart in front of these problems, some people come out stronger. Most Of the People Per Day In your job, in your relationship, in your life, you face many problems in your Thoughts, but how do you deal with it, it tells your Attitude only.

We always have two options. First, do any action in any problem or situation, i.e. no action by defying When we get stuck in any situation and if we do not do any act to get out of that problem then we start defending ourselves. This makes us always weak, this is not the right way. It is a sign of weak people.

The second way is the same - always keep Attacking Attitude in every situation of life. With this, you always start to feel strong and face every problem very easily. If problems arise, then it is better to avoid it, why not face the problem bravely and stressed on eliminating that problem with full force.

In this way, when you keep attacking attitudes in every minor problem or problem, then gradually our problems are very easy and we begin to remove every problem of life in a very easy way. So, from today itself, have started this in your life and started making yourself the best.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


      ARE YOU GETTING WHITE? KNOW WHY THIS                                                      HAPPENS

I was 18 years old when I saw two-three hair white in my hair. Before that, I thought that hair is white only in old age. Well, I did not make any special difference, I went to the doctor too, so I was not careful to tell that my hair was white too.

Although Dr. Edward Goyal of Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh says If at any one of the ages, if anyone hair appears white then the skin specialist should not delay showing the specialist because after all, the reason for the hair being white can be ascertained.

Either way, white hair is considered to be the result of growing age. But childhood itself is the reason for being white? Why do children start getting white with age? Why does hair color change? Dr. Edward Goyal is answering these questions.

Why is white hair ?
Dr. Edward Goyal says that our skin and hair color is formed due to a cell called Melanocyte. They have a high concentration in the hair, so the color of the hair is thicker

Melanocytes, which gradually builds color, with age, stops making it or decreases it, and the hair begins to gray. This process affects many factors.

After which age is the hair white being considered normal?

The first hair was not very white, but nowadays, after the age of 30, we consider normal to be white.

Before the age of 20, hair is white, there is no normal thing. It is called Preetchiveer Gaining Off Hair or Premature Aging.
Dr. Edward Goyle

Having white hair is an illness at an early age. In the doctoral language, it is called kinetics. Although researchers believe that people of different races have hair white at different times.

Before the age of 20 in white skin, prior to the age of 25 in the Asian people and in the African people, white hair before the age of 30 is called Premature Hair Gray.

Read also: Every white hair says something ... and this is not good news

Hair loss and genetic reasons -

Dr. Edward Goyal says, if the hair is white in childhood, then it can be mostly that the child has some genetic problems. There are many diseases, which also include hair becoming white.

If there is a problem in the genes or there is a problem with the parent or if the hair is too early in the family, then the child's hair starts to become very white.

Apart from this, the children of 15-16 years of age have started becoming white even today.

What are the reasons for genetic reasons ?

The beginning of hair white -
According to Dr. Edward Goel, if any hair is white, then the skin specialist should be shown.

Seeing the condition of the scalp, experts can identify the reason for hair becoming white.

If there is a shortage of after some normal diet then some dietary supplements can be given.

Why do they become white at an early age, these are 6 reasons -

Anyone of the age, with the problem of white hair, most people are troubled nowadays. At first, when people's hair was white only after a fixed age, children's hair became white again. Genetics is often thought to be the reason for hair loss at a young age. But there can be many other reasons behind hair becoming white. Let's say why at the very young age why people's hair becomes white -

1. Dandruff - Edward Goyal states that Dandruff explains why a child is white. As soon as the teenage starts, dandruff starts with a pimple and if we do not control it, the hair can be white.

2. Pollution - Air pollution also causes considerable damage to the hair. The polluted elements present in the air begin to whiten them as they are damaging the hair. According to the Expert, free radicals present in polluted air do damage to melanin and whiten the hair.

3. Stress - There is also stress due to hair becoming white before age. Taking the stress, hair quickly loses its natural color. If you want to prevent hair from becoming white, stay away from stress.

4. Smoking - Smoking is also a cause of white hair at a young age. According to a study published in the year 2013, people who smoke, their hair is more likely to be white than 25% more than others. Apart from this, the habit of smoking severely damages health.

 5.Due to hormone thyroid, the hair starts to become white quickly. The hair gets swollen even after the hormone level worsens in the body. Harmon's unbalance causes hair to become dry-dry. Hair glows over. Also, the hair loss problem becomes common.

6. Unhealthy Diet - The direct effect of diet is on health. Therefore it is very important to take special care of the diet. Actually, the hair becomes white at a young age due to the lack of nutrients in the diet. At the same time, due to lack of vitamin B12 in the body, hair starts to become dry-dry and lifeless and lose its natural colors. The deficiency of proteins, copper, and iron can be white.

Can white hair be black again?
When Edward Goel was asked about the claims of black hair again, he laughed.

Actually, this is not possible. Apart from coloring, there is no such option, so the hair white has become black.